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At Dreamland Munnar, we want you to start an exciting trip that will be full of joy, excitement, and moments that you will never forget. Our amusement park is a great place for people of all ages to have fun and try new things. It is located in the beautiful Munnar. Dreamland Amusement Park Munnar is the best amusement park in Munnar. It has more rides and shows than any other park. In the beautiful Munnar settings, our park is the right mix of natural beauty and exciting things to do. There are many rides and activities at Dreamland Amusement Park Munnar that will make everyone’s visit memorable. We are the best place in Munnar for family fun and excitement.

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Dreamland (a Four Petals Ventures Private Limited offspring firm) has opened its door in 20th August 2010 for people with “Happiness as a Goal“ and “Adventure as the priority” in a naturally gifted place. In earlier days Dreamland was just a spice park with Elephant safari, which then later reformed as space for adventure with 40 + activities like Rope way , Sky Walk, Zip line, Mountain Bike, Water roller, Burma Bridge, Walking net, Suspension Bridge, Natural walk  12D Motion Theater and many more.

Munnar amusement park
Munnar amusement park

Our Story

A Dreamland The Munnar Amusement Park, started out as a simple dream that grew bigger on a beautiful day in Munnar. The start of this amazing trip was the big opening of our park, which showed our steadfast goal to create a world-class entertainment spot in the beautiful Munnar surroundings.

It’s not a mistake that we’re right in the middle of Munnar. With rising hills, lush grass, and the peaceful beauty of nature all around, we were determined to make an amusement park that fits in perfectly with its surroundings and gives each guest a unique and enjoyable experience.

From the beginning, our goal has been to create an adventure park that is more than just rides and activities. Today, Dreamland, Munnar Amusement Park is a proud example of how dedicated we are to providing an engaging, thrilling, and safe environment for all of our beloved guests.

Mission and Values

As the Dreamland Munnar Amusement Park, our goal is to bring endless happiness and fun to all of our guests. Our goal is to create a place where families and friends can enjoy a wide range of exciting activities and make memories that will last a lifetime. We put the safety of every guest who goes through our gates at the top of our list of responsibilities. We are always striving for greatness and are committed to making every part of our business better so that it goes above and beyond what is expected. We will do anything to make sure you have fun, and we want to build a place where laughs and energy are the norm. Also, because we are committed to new ideas, we are always adding exciting new activities to Dreamland Amusement Park Munnar. This way, every visit is full of new adventures and fun.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

In Dreamland, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you are an adventure junkie then this must be your best adventurous and exhilarating experience

Parking Area

Dreamland can afford 180 + vehicles at a time in the parking area which is located inside the park premises.

The Crew Team

The best experienced staff’s with encouraging words and motivational support could be just the thing that gets you over the line.

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