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The Water Walking Ball Experience

Step into the extraordinary world of the water walking ball ride Munnar to make your dream of walking on water become a reality. Inside the giant inflatable sphere, adventurers are experienced with the sensation of gliding effortlessly across the water’s surface, a unique feeling for sure. People frequently express wonder and excitement as they make their way through this extraordinary underwater experience.


Testimonials sound louder about the excitement of witnessing something genuinely amazing and the thrill of doing a new adventure. The sense of adventure grows with every step, giving them priceless memories to treasure. Our Munnar water walking ball guarantees an amazing voyage full of thrill and wonder and the exhilaration of exploring new reasons to be happy.

Dreamland Munnar, Where You can Enjoy Water Walking Balls

Dreamland Munnar, the best adventure park in Kerala is your ultimate adventure destination, which offers over forty fascinating rides, including the exciting Water Walking Balls. Our Water Walking Balls offer visitors of all ages a thrilling and unusual experience. You can try this exhilarating sport at Dreamland Munnar, where they can glide elegantly over our beautiful recreational water bodies. Just go to our website or get in touch with us to reserve your water walking ball adventure. Zipline and Bungee trampoline are some of the other popular rides in our park. All these rides will elevate your Munnar trip to the next level. Dreamland offers an amazing experience full of delight and surprise to spend a beautiful day out in the beauty of Munnar.

Walking Ball Ride Munnar : Packages and Pricing

Experience the thrill of the water walking ball ride Munnar with Dreamland’s all-inclusive packages. More than forty exhilarating rides, including the Walking Ball, are accessible with a single ticket. There are no extra charges for rolling on the Walking Ball ride. We present unique packages to meet the demands of all visitors, coming as solo, group, or with friends, to ensure a memorable experience for everyone.

Book Your water walking ball ride Munnar

Are you ready to experience the water walking ball ride Munnar? Make your reservation today at Dreamland Munnar. Get in touch with us for an effective adventure experience and to create memories for a lifetime.


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