Kannan Devan Tea Museum Munnar

Name a few of the popular tea dust brands, and you can’t miss Kannan Devan on the list. The brand has ruled the chai business for over a long period till now and Kannan Devan Tea Museum Munnar clearly depicts the transformation of tea leaves into a tasty cup of tea. Kannan Devan Tea Museum Munnar is the best place to visit in Munnar to know the rich tea heritage of Munnar.

The quality of tea plants at the evergreen tea plantations on the Munnar hills is what makes the Kannan Devan chai so delicious. Kannan Devan Tea Museum Kerala stands as an ode to the rich legacy of tea plantations in Kerala, which started before the colonial period. By visiting the museum, you can get access to many historical facts about Munnar.

The vast look of the tea estate beside the museum is nothing but a beautiful, surreal frame that will leave you in fantasy. Beyond the aesthetics, tea cultivation has a strong cultural impact on Munnar. Many of the residents depend on this industry for their living.

The museum will tell you long tales of Chai, starting from the invader’s love for Munnar tea plants, the following wars, and the long history of imports. It is undoubtedly a must-visit location in Munnar for getting the cultural and historical significance of the region.

The Origins of Tea Cultivation in Munnar

Munnar had been producing tea before the British established plantations there during the colonial era. Pioneering businesses like the Kannan Devan Hills Plantations Company greatly influenced the tea industry in this region.

Munnar Kannan Devan Tea Museum is under the administration of Tata group and beautifully depicts the close association of Munnar with the tea making process. The development of tea-making technology is demonstrated through exhibits, which go from basic rollers to complex automated facilities.

Antiques such as an old tea roller, a Pelton Wheel, and a rail engine wheel unit are proudly shown in the museum. The photo collection pays tribute to the dedicated people who made Munnar the tea capital of Kerala.

Historical Insights and Cultural Significance

Munnar’s tea industry has its roots in historical tales and legends that stretch back to the pre-independence days. The sector prospered over time with notable contributions from individuals like John Daniel Munroe, A W Turnor and the companies like Tata.

The Kannan Devan Hill Plantations Company has grown to be the best brand in the tea business with the quality they maintained in both production and processing. Tea is a mandatory custom in almost all the functions in Kerala and becomes a part of the culture.

The Kannan Devan Tea Museum Munnar gives light to the history of tea plantations and the laborers who migrated from different parts of the world to get their livelihood from tea estates.

Visitor Experience and Practical Information

The Munnar Kannan Devan Tea Museum can be visited from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM except on Mondays. The entry fee is listed as Rs 75 for adults and Rs 35 for children.

You can find a small tea factory near the museum, where you can learn more about the complex procedures of tea making more deeply. Tea testing at the museum gives you an opportunity to drink freshly brewed teas from the production plant itself.

Tourists can purchase tea powder and other souvenirs from the museum shop. You can also stay at the place by utilizing a variety of accommodations and dining options available.

Places to Visit Near Kannan Devan Tea Museum Munnar

Visitors can discover a variety of sites offering cultural activities and scenic beauty close to the Kannan Devan Tea Museum Kerala. You can visit neighbouring mountain stations, plantations, and farms. If you are a person who has an adventurous taste, you can go to Dreamland Munnar. It is the best adventure park in Kerala with over forty thrilling rides and is one of the best options to add some adventurous flavor to your Munnar trip. Some of the other nearby attractions are given below.

Kolukkumalai Tea Estate

It is a popular destination in Munnar. The Kolukkumalai tea estate is famous for its traditional tea processing techniques. You can enjoy stunning vistas as well as the superb tea tasting. Safaris, hikes, and industrial visits with guides offer adventure. There are lodging alternatives on the estate that provide an opportunity to spend a night or two completely immersed in the serene surroundings.

Top Station, Munnar

Top Station Munnar is the highest point on the Munnar-Kodaikanal route, at 1700 meters above and a nearby location to Kannan Devan Tea Museum Munnar. It marks the border between Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Beautiful views await each traveler who comes to this cloud-cladding beauty. The blooming of Neelakurinji gives a blue tint to the valley during the season. The ideal months to go are April and May when the Munnar weather is nice.

Lockhart Gap View

Lockhart Gap View is shaped like a heart and is located close to Munnar, between two mountains. Lockhart Gap ViewPoint provides a lovely view of the area. This viewpoint, which is about 12 kilometers from Munnar on Lockhart Gap Road, offers expansive views of misty blue hills, tea-covered slopes, and meandering valley lanes. The valley’s appeal is revealed by the fog, and tourists are drawn to the area by its magnificence.