Mattupetty Dam

Mattupetty dam is the perfect canvas awaits you at Munnar. Built in between the rolling hills, this reservoir is not only an essential supply of water but also attracts tourists with its mesmerizing beauty.

The Mattupetty Dam Kerala provides an idyllic refuge surrounded by tea plantations and abundant vegetation. Tourists can enjoy boat excursions on the beautiful waterways, making priceless memories in the magical embrace of nature. Mattupetty Dam unveils some of the interesting facts about Munnar that make it a global tourist attraction.

History and Background

The Mattupetty dam Munnar, which is situated in the Idukki District. The Mattupetty dam History holds a significant role in the heritage of Munnar. It was constructed as a concrete gravity dam with the dual functions of irrigation and hydroelectric power generation.

The building project, led by E.U. Philipose, began in 1949 and is evidence of India’s post-independence development aspirations. With a remarkable height of 83.35 meters and a length of 237.74 meters, the dam was finished in under five years and opened in 1953.

Its capacity to supply water throughout the year has supported biodiversity as well as the production of hydroelectric electricity. The 220 lakh rupee building expenditure has shown to be a wise investment with the future goals.

Location and Geography

The Mattupetty Dam is situated in the Kannan Devan Hills along the Munnar-Top Station Highway. This scenic location is filled with vast tea plantations, thick woods, and rolling hills. The visual appeal of the region is enhanced by the dam and the Mattupetty dam Location is easily accessible by the tourists.

Mattupetty dam boating is the major attraction here. Views of the beautiful tea gardens and the surrounding hills are wide, providing visitors with a peaceful and visually stunning experience. Munnar weather is a perfect combo to admire the hidden beauty of the dam fully. Mattupetty Dam is undoubtedly one of the Best Places to Visit in Munnar to immerse in the authentic beauty of nature.

Sightseeing and Attractions

There are many nearby Mattupetty Dam Attractions and the area around the dam is a tourism paradise with an abundance of interesting things for visitors. Sounds reverberate off the nearby hills at Echo Point, which is popular for its natural echo phenomena.

The calm boat trips and captivating scenery of Kundala Dam will make a beautiful backdrop for your Mattupetty Dam photos. Munnar’s highest point, Top Station, offers tourists magnificent views of the Western Ghats.

To take your Munnar excursion to the next level, you must go to Dreamland Munnar. This adventure park will add curiosity and enthusiasm to your trip with several exclusive rides. Munnar’s unfiltered beauty can be fully explored with these rides, and you can add the adventure factor to your whole Munnar Journey with Dreamland. Dreamland Munnar is an excellent doorway to some of the exciting adventure rides you must try in Munnar.

In addition to the surrounding Eravikulam National Park, which is home to the critically endangered Nilgiri Tahr, the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary entices nature lovers with its varied flora and animals. Situated inside this mosaic of natural wonders, Mattupetty dam Munnar provides access to a variety of activities, guaranteeing a perfect holiday.

Activities and Experiences

Mattupetty Dam

Mattupetty Dam has an array of exciting activities to entertain the tourists. Mattupetty dam boating is a popular choice for having a great time. Trekking routes nearby allow travelers to discover the beauty of the Kannan Devan Hills.

You can also enjoy observing a variety of animals, especially in the nearby wildlife refuges. Picnicking in the beautiful surroundings is a great way to relax on a lazy day. It is advised that boating be scheduled for early in the day to take advantage of ideal weather to get the most out of these adventures.

Trekking routes are safer and more likely to reveal hidden treasures when explored with a local guide. Mornings and evenings are the greatest times to watch wildlife, and picnics may be made more fun by bringing necessities and choosing locations with interesting vistas. These Mattupetty dam activities offer a full and rewarding experience for everyone who explores the beauty of the region.

How to reach Mattupetty Dam

You can reach Mattupetty dam Munnar through different ways. The closest airport is Cochin International airport and the railway station is Aluva. You can either choose a bus or a cab to reach the dam.

Mattupetty Dam Entry fees

Rs. 10/- per person and there will be additional charges for boat riding.

Best time to visit

All times of the year are perfect for visiting the dam, although the months between August and May make it perfect.

Accommodation options nearby

Many hotels and homestays near the dam provide affordable yet comfortable stays at Munnar.

Safety tips and precautions

Prioritize safety on your Mattupetty trip, by wearing appropriate wear, staying hydrated, following local guidelines, and respecting wildlife.

Mattupetty Dam Munnar is a unique location combining several entertainment activities and beautiful scenery. The dam reveals a peaceful frame of Kerala to the travelers arriving here. Make time to visit Mattupetty Dam for an unforgettable feeling of being embraced by nature.