Adventure Rides You Must Try in Munnar

Set back in Kerala’s scenic hills, Munnar is an exciting adventure destination as well as a haven for tea plants. Get ready for an adrenaline rush as you go on the top 10 Munnar adventure rides.

Munnar offers a wide choice of thrills that are sure to leave you breathless and wanting more. From thrilling jeep safaris to heart-pounding mountain bike paths, there are numerous adventure rides you must try in Munnar.

List of adventure rides you must try in Munnar

Sky Walk

Watching Munnar from the skies is a pleasure to the eyes as well as to the hearts. In Munnar, the Skywalk in Munnar is a unique excursion that provides unmatched pleasure for those seeking excitement.

This sky-high promenade, suspended at a significant height, offers expansive views of the verdant surroundings. One thing you really must do in Munnar is cross the Sky Walk, an exhilarating and breathtaking ride certain to leave you gasping for air.

Zip Line

Take a wild trip on the Zip Line in Munnar, one of the top adventure rides in Munnar that you just must experience. Feel the breeze blow across your face as you fly across the tropical landscape while hanging from a rope.

In addition to providing an adrenaline rush, this adventurous ride offers breathtaking aerial vistas, making for really memorable experiences.

Water Roller

One of Munnar’s best adventure rides is the Water Roller, which invites you to explore a refreshing world of adventure.

For a novel and spectacular experience, climb inside the clear, inflatable sphere and roll around the water’s surface. It guarantees laughter and fun while you are enjoying your trip to Munnar.

Mountain cycling

Mountain biking is one of the adventure rides you must try in Munnar. Ride your bike across the varying landscape, encircled by hills draped in mist and tea plantations of amazing splendour.

Munnar’s mountain biking provides an exciting experience for both expert and beginner riders, combining the thrill of exercise with breathtaking scenery. Riding a bike through Munnar is an amazing and energising experience, regardless of your interests in nature or adventure.

Sky cycle

Sky Cycle, being one of the top adventure rides in Munnar, is surely an unforgettable memory for everyone who has dared to try it. Imagine riding on a safe bicycle with wheels in the air! It feels like wow, right?

This pedalled device allows you to cycle in the air while suspended far above the ground, providing an unmatched thrill and panoramic views of the beautiful surroundings. The Sky Cycle is a unique adventure in Munnar that appeals to both adventure seekers and those looking for something different.

Burma bridge

The Burma Bridge is a must-try experience in the middle of nature that will up your adventure quotient when visiting Munnar. This rope bridge tests your bravery and balance while suspended over breathtaking scenery, making for an incredible experience.

With its breathtaking scenery around you, the Burma Bridge delivers a thrilling physical and mental experience as you carefully cross the swinging ropes. This is your chance to push yourself to the maximum while soaking in all of this exciting adventure’s magnificent splendour

Suspension Bridge

Dare to cross the Suspension Bridge, one of the adventure rides you must try in Munnar, while you are in this mystic land.

The Suspension Bridge is a must-do, thrilling experience for anybody looking for the best adventure ride in Munnar since it blends the thrill of scaling heights with the beauty of the natural world.

Rope Car

Being a stellar option among other must-try rides, the rope car will take your Munnar excursion to the next level. Hanging from strong wires, glide over the beautiful terrain and take in the breathtaking vistas below.

The Rope Car distinguishes itself as a must-try adventure in the centre of Munnar by skillfully fusing excitement and calm.


To experience Munnar’s breathtaking scenery from above, Ropeway in Munnar is your must-try adventure ride and one of the top adventure rides in Munnar. Suspended by strong wires, you can fly effortlessly above the green setting while taking in the breath-taking views below.

In the enchanted world of Munnar, the ropeway is an indispensable and thrilling experience that skillfully combines excitement and wonder.

12D Theatre

You can enter an arena of sensory stimulation with Munnar’s must-experience adventure ride, the 12D Theatre. Take in a multi-faceted cinematic experience that surpasses conventional images.

The 12D Theatre offers an unmatched experience that captivates your senses and takes you to amazing realms in Munnar with its high-tech effects and gripping stories.

Set in the attractive hills of Kerala, Munnar is a home for tea plantations as well as an adventure seeker’s dream come true. These top adventure rides in Munnar provide an incredible combination of action and natural beauty and guarantee an exciting retreat for any adventurer.

There are numerous adventure rides you must try in Munnar, so don’t forget to add them to your bucket list to fulfil them on your next trip to Munnar.