Lakkom Waterfalls

Is your head heated up to the maximum celsius by the chaos of your daily chores? Wanna cool down your body and mind with some fresh water? Then don’t wait. Pack your belongings for a leisure trip to Lakkom Waterfalls.

It is not a popular destination like other waterfalls in Kerala. Sometimes we can see a special beauty covered under these kinds of underrated things. The Idukki district is home to this precious waterfall, whose breathtaking flows and immaculate surroundings fascinate tourists. Lakkom stands as one of the most hidden Facts about Munnar.

Lakkom Waterfalls Kerala provides a peaceful getaway into nature, surrounded by rich greenery and a pleasant ambience, in contrast to more popular waterfalls in the area. Its attraction as a place off the beaten road makes it an essential stop for anybody looking for a  peaceful time in Munnar.

Geography and Surroundings

Lakkom Waterfalls Munnar, also known as Lakkam Waterfalls, is a small falls situated near Marayoor in Idukki district. The falls are a portion of the Eravikulam stream, a tributary of the Pambar River and flows through the expanse of Eravikulam National Park. The presence of Lakkom Falls and many other destinations makes the question of why you should visit Munnar irrelevant.

The Lakkom Falls, 7,300 feet above sea level, are distinct from other waterfalls that usually start from hills because of their unique origin in the Eravikulam Plateau. There are rocks and dense forests all around the falls, providing an environment of peace perfect for mountain trekking and a fantastic pool swim.

The surroundings of the waterfalls play a huge role in enhancing the attractiveness of the region. Anamudi Shola Forest is a nearby attraction that features Mannavan Shola, Pullardi Shola, and Idivara Shola.

Also, the Eravikulam National Park is a significant protected region that comes near to the falls. The proximity to the Eravikulam National Park and the Marayoor forest makes this falls an ideal place to chill.

How to reach Lakkom Waterfalls

There are several ways for visitors to go to Lakkom Waterfalls, which is around 25 kilometers from Munnar. The nearby towns are Udumalaipettai and Munnar. Travelers can take State Highway 17, which goes to Udumalaipettai. Buses from Munnar to Udumalaipettai and local taxis are the two convenient options.

By Air

The closest airport for air travel is Cochin International Airport. It takes almost 130 kilometers to reach the falls from the airport.

By Train

Aluva is the nearby railway station for those who prefer to travel by train. The station is only 110 kilometers away from the destination.

By Road

Lakkom waterfalls is on the way to Udumalaipettai and it is on state Highway 17. You can either take a bus to Udumalaipettai from Munnar or can opt for private cabs to reach the falls.

Activities and Experiences

Lakkom Waterfalls Munnar is the ideal getaway for those who enjoy the outdoors because it provides various experiences and activities. Swimming in the naturally formed pools created by the falling water is a relaxing experience that offers visitors a special and energizing opportunity to interact with the immaculate surroundings. Lakkom Waterfalls makes for a perfect picnic backdrop, letting guests have a meal and bath in the peace of the natural world.

Photographers will have plenty of chances to capture the fascinating scenery and the magnificent fall here. The surrounding nature walks and hiking paths offer opportunities to establish a connection with the surrounding natural ecology.

Dreamland Munnar offers another option to have fun near the Lakkom falls, which offers over forty rides to immerse fully in the realm of adventures. With a single ticket, you can explore a complete package of experiences, from zip lining to rock climbing tasks.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the Lakkom falls is during winter and monsoon. Monsoon fills the falls with plenty of water, revealing its wild beauty. Winter makes the optimum balance of water flow and weather to give the tourists an unforgettable experience in the waters. You can’t make a list of the best places to visit in Munnar by skipping the unparalleled beauty of Lakkom waterfalls.

Entry fees

INR 20 per person.

Facilities available onsite

There is a cafe and an eco shop near the ticket booth where you can purchase things. Washroom facilities are also available here.

Safety tips and precautions for visiting the falls

Always be cautious about the waterflow of Lakkom Waterfalls, and don’t go too near them, breaking safety precautions since the tempting beauty of falls may call you for unexpected events.

Lakkom Waterfalls in Kerala is like a hidden gem Located in a beautiful area. It is a location you shouldn’t miss because of its calming environment and stunning waterfalls. Take a diversion from the typical route and experience the magic of Lakkom Waterfalls Munnar which offers the perfect escape from normal destinations and a unique opportunity to interact with nature.