Munnar Rose Garden

Neelakurinji, aka Strobilanthes Kunthiana, is the most popular flower in the Munnar valleys. But do you know the vast lands in Munnar, up above the sea level, that hold a wide collection of rose flowers? Here comes the Munnar Rose Garden, with its tempting fragrance and pretty petals, blooming in the steep, misty hills of Munnar. Getting into the Rose Garden and spending some time inside the fragrance of blooming flowers is one of the peaceful things to do in Munnar.

This garden of roses is located in the heart of Munnar and is only 2 kilometers away from the city center. The destination is covered by ancient trees that added a layer of dark green shades to it. While exploring the popular tea plantations and mountains of Munnar, it will be a pure treat to your eyes, if you redirect your sights into this huge collection of flowers with vibrant colors. The beautiful flowers and the nice environment is what makes the Munnar rose garden, the best Place to visit in Munnar.

What makes Rose Gardens in Munnar Special

You have to visit this paradise for several reasons. The first and foremost reason is none other than roses. Who doesn’t like roses? It might be the top flower in almost everyone’s favorite list. Rose is the symbol of love and passion, and its beautifully structured petals are pleasing to watch. Rose Garden is the best reason why you should visit Munnar.

Despite the name suggests, it holds a variety of flora beyond roses. Other plants that contribute to its attraction include vanilla and cardamom, as well as a range of fruits, including strawberry, amla, and litchi.

Munnar Rose garden is spread over two acres of land and the destination is completely dedicated to the proper maintenance and upkeep of plants. It offers an environmentally friendly homestay alternative to ensure visitors can completely enjoy Munnar’s natural beauty. Nature buffs will love the hiking paths and trekking places in the garden.

The rose garden is home to the popular Floriculture Center, which is run by the Kerala Forest Development Center and features a medicinal garden and rare flower exhibitions. Seasonal tropical fruits and natural honey are available here.

The garden also arranges enough facilities for visitors to buy seeds of their preferred plants as a valued memento of their visit.

Tips for Visitors

Follow these suggestions to ensure an unforgettable visit to Rose Garden Munnar. Take a walk with friends and enjoy the beauty of the garden. Don’t forget to look up to see the variety of birds that fly overhead.

It will be more fun if you pack a picnic basket and do numerous activities like reading, playing games, or just relaxing. It is a known fact that a rose garden makes an ideal spot for photography experimentation. Take your camera and use your creativity to get beautiful frames from there.

Also, consider the eco-friendly homestay provided by the garden authorities inside the garden premises for a comfortable stay.

Best Time to Visit

The Rose Garden can be visited throughout the whole year and it is better to avoid rainy periods.

Entry Fees and Timings

There is an entry fee of INR 20 per head and they charge an additional 30 Rs for carrying a camera. It remains open from 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM on all days of the week and the normal visit duration is 1 to 2 hours.

What to Bring

You can bring things according to your personal preferences. It is better to take some cardigans to resist the cold temperature.

Places to Visit Near Rose Gardens

A variety of neighboring sites can be explored near Munnar Rose Garden. These include tea plantations, lakes, waterfalls, and stunning overlooks with breathtaking views of the hills and valleys around. Some of the nearby attractions are given below.

Dreamland Munnar

Dreamland Munnar is the best adventure park in Kerala, offering various rides to celebrate the wild spirit of adventure. It is one of the great choices for families and friends groups to spend some quality time in the stunning nature of Munnar by enjoying the thrill of each ride. The zip line ride of the park is already popular among youngsters. It is a place that should not be missed while you are in Munnar to explore the beauty of Munnar fully.

Mattupetty Dam

The Mattupetty Dam is a spectacular sight, situated close to the Rose Gardens in Munnar. It creates the stunning beauty of Mattupetty Lake and is simply more than a place to store water. This concrete gravity dam can hold back an incredible 55.4 million cubic meters of water, each of which may operate independently. Many birds and wild animals are drawn to its scenic surroundings and plenty of water makes it a well-liked destination for tourists touring Munnar. You can also visit Mattupetty dairy farm here.

Lockhart Gap View

Lockhart Gap view is a stunning destination in the shape of a heart between two mountains close to Munnar. Tourists can take in the stunning landscape from the Lockhart Gap View Point on Lockhart Gap Road, which is located around 12 kilometers from Munnar. Broad views of tea-covered slopes, blurred blue hills, and weaving valley roads can be seen from the viewpoint. This location draws tourists with its beautiful roads, fog-covered valleys, and breathtaking sunsets. Lockhart Gap is frequently visited by hikers, picnickers, and people looking for peace as it’s a revitalizing experience. It’s a photographer’s paradise as well, which makes it the perfect place to go and make memories forever.

Top Station

Top Station Munnar is a popular place near Rose Garden Munnar. This location attracts a lot of campers, hikers, and trekkers because of its enchanting beauty. On clear days, it offers sweeping vistas of the valley and makes the tourists believe that they are above the clouds. Traveling to Top Station also offers the chance to see the view of many other nearby hill stations. Also, there are magnificent waterfalls, beautiful tea plantations, and a charming mountain adventure for tourists to take in.